Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Sea Games Closing Ceremony.

Congratulation Malaysian contingent for winning the 2017 Sea Games Outing. We have taken full advantage of being the host this time. To get 145 gold medal exceeded the Malaysian target of 111 gold medal. Malaysia  proved to excel in diving and equestrian and many others.  

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

 Departing from KL Central
 On the ETS at the coffee bar.
 Vistana Hotel
At Dr. Abdullah residence.

Kembara KTM ETS to Penang 27-28 August 2017.

Wedding invitation from Dr. Abdullah Daud got the ball rolling. I was asked to organised a trip for our ex school mate to attend the wedding reception at Vistana Hotel, Bayan Lepas Penang. Since early booking was made I manage to get our preferred seating arrangement at the same time enjoying 50% rebated fare for senior citizen. Accommodation at Vistana was also secured at special rate as early was made. True to the proverb “Early bird get the best worms”.

On Sunday morning 27th August, 18 of  us made our way to Kuala Lumpur Central for 0900am departure to Butterworth. The four hours jouney was considered a fast one as the train was doing an average of more than 110km per  hour. Some time it reached speed as fast as 143km per hour on a straight stretch. What make the journey a memorable one was as many of us recalling nostalgically our younger days during our boarding school days at Sekolah Dato. Abdul Razak, Tanjong Malim. Same stories being told many times  but remain interesting.

We reached  Butterworth KTM station at one pm. Two vans efficiently took us to Vistana Hotel.  We had ample time to enjoy our meal at the same time meeting  other school mates who were already there. In the evening our host invited us to his residence for another hearty meal which Penang is famous for. Thank you Dr. Abdullah for bring such a fantastic host.

We checked out early from the hotel in order to catch the return trip to Kuala Lumpur. The train departed from Butterworth Station at 13:30 pm and reaching Kuala Lumpur Central by 17:35 pm as scheduled. It was a memorable trip for all of us.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

 Opening ceremony Sea Games 2017
My first ever
Sea Games 2017
After all these years finally I had the opportunity to attend Sea Games at Bukit Jalil sport complex. To avoid traffic jam I decided to go by public transport.  I took Rapid KL from SS18 station, changing to STAR LRT at Mesjid Jamik KL. The journey took about one hour. 
The was already a big crowd by the time I reached the Stadium.
Being the early bird I managed to get a seat with excellent view. The facility was upgraded recently. The stadium with 100,000 capacity is an appropriate venue for such a prestigious event. The Bukit Jalil Sport Complex was completed in 1998 as the main venue for Commonwealth Games.
The opening ceremony commenced around 0815pm. The Agong was present to officiate the event. It was a spectacular event. I have no regret at all attending despite having to skip a wedding and a birthday bash. 
For the return trip I decided to try an alternative route by taking STAR LRT to Putra Height and changing to Rapid KL to reach SS18 station. I reached home just before mid-nite. Very tired but very satisfied.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Standing Rohani, Mohd Shah, Sitting L-R Datin Khalilah, Dato'.Jamil and Datin.
Dato' Rashid Malik and Datin, Dato' Jamil and Datin.
Jalil Mohd Wedding Reception.
I attended this kenduri quire a while ago, Must be few years back . This page was not published some how. Here it is. Better late than never.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

sitting l-r Shah,Saaid,Fuad, Rashid, Azmi
standing l-r Che Din,Rahim,Aziz,Yaakob,Najid

Teh tarik (TT) session at Belanga Restaurant Section 14 Shah Alam. 13th May 2015.
We were informed that our friend from Perlis Mohd Nor Che Omar's son was not well. He was admitted to private hospital initially but later was transferred to general hospital after being diagnosed to have intestine cancer. The treatment cost at the private hospital was too prohibitive.
We dicided to assist our friend by starting a small collection toward meeting the medical expenses. On the 14th May we manage to hand over the first collection totalling $5000.00 to him. We agreed to continue the  collection using our fivers71 tabung until end of May 2015. Special thanks for the generous contributions. You are really a caring lot.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

L-R Fadhil, Che Din, Shah, Hamdan, Jamil, Shuib and Yaacob.
Brunch with ex-classmates.

We were studying at the same secondary school in Tanjung Malim in the late sixties. The bond of friendship is still strong. Fadhil came all the way from Kemaman and Jamil from Kuantan while the rest from Klang valley. We talked of the nostalgic good old days and of course the latest topic - GST.
We had simple meal Hameed Penang mee rebus and chendul. The food was appetising but nothing compared to bond of friendship between these ex class mate.
Jalan SS14/1 Subang Jaya.
Poor Co-ordination among the authorities.
Jalan SS14/1 has potholes at numerous location and it was rather uncomfortable for one to drive over it. I was rather pleased to see finally MPSJ (the local council) decided to resurface it. The assessment money that we pay annually I thought was well spend. My joy was short lived. Before the parking lot can be painted another contractor had started digging along the same stretch. Indahwater decided it was time for them to lay new pipe work for our benefits. 
If only there was a proper planning and good co-ordination among the authorities there will be less wastage of resources. I believe it also happened at other location throughout the country.


Thursday, January 01, 2015

AirAsia Flight QZ8501.
Wreckage of AirAsia Flight Qz8501 has been located on the sea floor off Borneo. Several bodies has been recovered with large amount of debris believed to be from the same aircraft. What actually caused the aircraft to crash is still a mystery until the black box is recovered to assist the investigation.

Closing 2014.
The year has ended with a sad note. Amid severe flooding experienced by East Coast States and Perak another bleak news of AirAsia Airbus A320 aircraft missing after encountering bad weather.
It was very sad indeed as we are still mourning the lost of two MAS B777 aircraft early in the year.